Each interpreting or translation assignment is unique and represents a different workload. Thus, it is always better to ask for a quote. It's free!

However, to give you an idea, here are the basic rates:

  • Consecutive interpreting: € 40 / hour,
  • Simultaneous interpreting (conferences etc.): from € 50 / hour
  • Translation:  € 0,10 per source word,
  • Subtitle translation: from € 5 per minute,
  • Poetical translation: please, ask for a quote.

These rates are indicative. 
the rates are determined depending on the level of technicality of the document, on the field, on the delivery deadline, and on the quality of the source text.
The rates are negotiable for important volumes.
An extra fee will be charged for an urgent assignment.

Payment methods: cash, bank transfers, PayPal.


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